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By the team of @ninja_muffin99, Friday Night Funkin APK is an indie rhythm game. The game features a player-controlled character called Boyfriend who engages in rap battles against various opponents, all in an effort to impress his love interest, Girlfriend. There have been numerous mods and remixes of the game that have gained a large following.

Friday Night Funkin APK

FNF APK Go is a website that provides all Friday Night Funkin Mods online. You can play these FNF Mods on your browsers. Almost all popular browsers can use FNF Go. FNF Go is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc. It contains thousands of FNF Mods and other games. The Friday Night Funkin Mods site is currently available in English, but more languages will be added in the future. FNF Go is very different from other FNF Mods sites. You can reach us without any charges. We are on a mission to make the best site for FNF Mods.

Friday Night Funkin’ Game or Mods has a simple plot. There are two characters in the game. You are the Boyfriend and your Girlfriend is the Girlfriend. You have to beat your opponent to impress your Lady’s father.

It’s time to talk about the modding community of Friday Night Funkin. Thousands of mods have been released for Friday Night Funkin Online. Different mods have different music, characters, and stories. Some mods are funny and some are creative. FNF online mods come in a variety of quality levels. On one hand, some mods are of normal quality, while on the other hand, some are of very high quality.

With its amazing graphics and music, Friday Night Funkin is one of the best Rhyming games of all time, and the mods make it even better. Although Friday Night Funkin is an excellent game, some people prefer the mods over the official game because of the different characters and music it has to offer. There are thousands of FNF Mods available that solve the boredom problem in the FNF game by adding new characters and new music. It is possible to play your favorite Friday Night Funkin Mod on your browser without downloading anything.

How To Play FNF APK Online?

By opening and selecting any mod from the list, you can start playing your favourite FNF MOD With No Download. You can play FNF Mods with no downloading by clicking the Play Game button. The keyboard controls for FNF Mods are very simple and similar to the original game. Using the WASD or Arrow keys, you can play the game. Playing the Play/Pause game with the Enter key is also possible.

Why Choose Online Mods Over Offline Mods?

Every day, there are many new Friday Night Funkin Mods released. They are available for both online and offline play. When Friday Night Funkin modding community first started, most people simply downloaded the mods to their computers. The benefit of playing Friday Funkin Mods online is that you do not need to download mods. Now that almost all mods are available to play, people prefer to play new mods online. On the other hand, when a new mod is added and you want to see if this mod is good or not, you have to download 100-200MB mod from your PC or laptop. This takes up a lot of space on your device.

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It is a singing and rapping battle between the “Boyfriend” and various characters ranging from her parents to her mom where you have to prove that you are worthy of dating the “Girlfriend”.


There are currently 7 weeks of Friday Night Funkin, each with its own unique character(s) and songs.

Here is the Composer’s (kawaisprite) Official YouTube channel where you can listen to the OST.

Game Credits:

  • ninja_muffin99 is an Internet programmer
  • The KadeDev programming language
  • A team of artists led by PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r
  • The delicious sounds of kawaisprite


  • Donate.
  • You can buy merch here.
  • I hope you have fun and good luck as always!

How to Play:

  • To play, use WASD or arrow keys or choose DFJK in the options
  • Volume can be increased/decreased by using + and –
  • To mute, press 0
  • To select, press Enter
  • Return to the previous page by pressing ESC

How to install MODs in Friday Night Funkin’ for Android

Friday Night Funkin has become an incredibly popular video game, and with its growing fanbase come a variety of MODs to enhance the experience. With so many options available though, it can be daunting for players trying to figure out how best to install them – luckily we have all the answers!

Friday Night Funkin: all the characters and their stories

Friday Night Funkin’ is an amazing game with a variety of colorful characters featured throughout its story. It takes the player on a fun and exciting journey as they meet each character, learning more about them and their backstory every step along the way!

How to download, install, and play Friday Night Funkin’ on Android

Are you looking for the perfect game to get your weekend off to a great start? Look no further than Friday Night Funkin’! However, it’s not available on Google Play – instead, find it safely through Malavida. With tons of addicting rhythm-based levels and characters that come with their own soundtracks and stories, this is one app well worth downloading so you can kickstart every weekend right!

How to update Friday Night Funkin

Cameron Taylor’s thrilling rhythm game just got an awesome boost of new features! Keep up with all the action by staying on top of periodic updates. We’ll show you how to make sure your version is always fresh and ready for play!

Dive into the virtual music world of Friday Night Funkin’ every week and experience something totally new! With each update, enjoy a brand-new song along with its accompanying level as you try your best to keep up. However in some cases, patience is key – wait for the Android APK version to arrive before taking on this funky challenge.

Go beyond your computer screen for the ultimate gaming experience! Get ready to play FizzBuzz anywhere you go with its available smartphone version. To stay current on all the hottest songs and newest updates, just follow these simple steps – no extra action required!

How to update the FNF APK

  • Ready to groove? Get the latest version of Friday Night Funkin for an updated beat! Just tap the button below and get ready to dance.
  • Once acquired, tap Open to unlock the full potential of this file!
  • Get ready for a thrilling upgrade! You’ll receive an exciting message alerting you that the application is about to update – no need to worry though, as your hard-earned progress in the game will be securely saved. Just hit Install and prepare yourself for adventure…
  • Complete the installation to have access to all the latest features instantly – just tap Open and you’re ready!

If you’re an Android user looking for the latest and greatest Friday Night Funkin, look no further – Malavida has your back! Keep this page in your bookmarks, as our APK is always updated with the most recent version of FNF available so you can stay on top of all its newest songs. Don’t miss out on a single beat while satisfying that gaming itch!

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