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A popular Android-based streaming application, Showbox allowed users to watch free movies and TV shows. As a result of legal issues involving copyright infringement, the app was eventually shut down. However, its user-friendly interface and vast collection of content gained it popularity.

Users could watch movies, TV shows, and other video content in high-quality resolution on Showbox. As well as being able to search for specific titles, the app allowed users to sort content by genre, release date, and popularity, and download content for offline viewing.

Aside from its extensive library, Showbox also had a simple and straightforward interface, which made it easy for users to navigate and find the content they needed. Users didn’t need to create an account or sign up to use the app.

In the beginning, Showbox was only available on Android, but later was expanded to iOS and Windows devices. In 2019, Showbox was officially shut down after facing legal action from the movie and TV industry after offering copyrighted content without permission from the rights holders. However, its legality was always questionable, since it offered copyrighted content without permission.


  • App type: Android-based streaming application
  • Content: TV shows, movies, and other video content
  • Interface: User-friendly and simple
  • Content sorting: By genre, release date, and popularity
  • Search function: Available to search for specific titles
  • Video quality: High-quality video streaming with options to select the video quality
  • Download: Ability to download content for offline viewing
  • Account: No account required
  • Availability: Available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices
  • Legal status: Showbox was shut down in 2019 due to legal issues related to copyright infringement, and its use and distribution are not recommended.


The features of Showbox, when it was available for use, included:

User-friendly interface: 

Because Showbox had an easier-to-use interface than most apps, users were able to navigate through this app with ease, since the app had an easier-to-use interface, which meant it could be easily used by anyone.

Large content library: 

This app had a wide range of TV shows, movies, and other video content that could be viewed for free on the app thanks to its large collection of free video content, making it a good choice for those who enjoy watching videos.

High-quality video streaming: 

In the Showbox app, you will be able to stream high-quality video with a choice of what video quality you want, based on your Internet speed, to choose from the various options available for your streaming experience.

Content sorting: 

The content can be sorted based on genre, release date, popularity, as well as their popularity among the users themselves.

Search function: 

As a useful feature of this app, it had a search function for users to search for specific titles that they might be looking for so they can find what they are looking for more easily.

Offline viewing: 

One of the features provided by Showbox is the ability to download content so that it can be viewed without the need for an internet connection.

No account required: 

The app does not require any kind of user registration nor account creation in order to be used and it is totally free to download.

Cross-platform availability: 

Basically, Showbox is available in three versions: Android, iOS, and Windows. The Android version was also available in two versions.

Despite Showbox’s many features, it did not have the proper permissions from the rights holders, making it an illegal application that we do not recommend using or distributing.


  • For Android devices, Android 4.0 or higher is required
  • For iOS devices, iOS 10.0 or later is required
  • For Windows devices, Windows 7 or later is required
  • Streaming requires Internet access

Additional information:

  • It was illegal to use Showbox because it provided copyrighted content without the permission of the rights holders.
  • As a result of its illegality, Showbox wasn’t available on official app stores like Google Play or Apple App Store. Users had to download the app from third-party websites, which posed a security risk.
  • A virtual private network (VPN) was recommended to protect users’ privacy and security while using the app due to frequent reports of bugs, crashes, and security issues.

How to Install ShowBox Apk for Android

You can install Showbox in a similar way to installing a regular apk, but if you’re not familiar with apk installs, we’ll help you.

The first step is to download the apk file, go to our home page for Showbox apk file, scroll down to the Android section, and click on the Download Button which will take you to a page with the latest version of Showbox for Android. It is easy to download the latest version of Showbox for Android from there.

After the apk download is finished, tap on it to open it (in the notification panel or browser’s Downloads section), but if it’s your first time installing an apk, there will be a pop-up that says you can’t install it because third-party app installation is disabled. You can enable it very easily, so don’t worry.

As our Showbox apk is 100% safe, just ignore the warning and proceed. Click on Security and enable Unknown Sources. This will enable the apk installation process.

You can find Unknown Sources in the Phone Settings menu if there is no security option within the pop-up window.

After that, review all apk permissions and click on the install button, wait a few seconds (usually 15-20 seconds depending on your smartphone’s power and system load) and when it’s done, click on Open.

The Showbox apk has been installed successfully and is ready for use.

Showbox for iPhone/iPad

The Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod all use Apple’s proprietary operating system called iOS, so if you own one of these devices, you will have to download ShowBox’s iOS version with the extension .ipa.

The iOS operating system is more closed than Android, so you can’t easily install third-party apps. But don’t worry – there is still a way to do it!

The process of downloading & installing apps is a bit more complicated because iOS is more concerned about security and does not allow users to install apps outside of the App Store, but don’t worry, it’s simple.

To watch all of the best movies and TV shows for free, you’ll need to jailbreak your iPhone and download and install Showbox on it. Alternatively, you can also get Showbox for iOS with help from a third-party market app that you can download without jailbreaking.


What was Showbox?

Showbox was an Android-based streaming application by which users could watch TV shows and movies for free. It gained popularity because of its large selection of content and easy-to-use interface.

Q: Is Showbox legal?

Showbox was not legal because it offered copyrighted content without permission from the rights holders. We do not recommend using or distributing it.

Q: Is it safe to use Showbox?

Showbox and other illegal streaming apps are not safe to use, since they may compromise the security of your device, and may lead to legal repercussions.

Q: Can I download Showbox on my iPhone?

The App Store doesn’t have Showbox, and its distribution and use are not recommended.

Q: Is there an alternative to Showbox?

Several legal streaming services offer a large library of TV shows and movies at a reasonable price, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+.

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