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Get ready to take control of your destiny with Fap CEO Mod APK, a new office management game where you’ll be in charge and have all the employees under one roof. Launch today on Nutaku and play now for free.

The Fap CEO game is a new adult release with millions of hits. The premise behind this office management gem combines lusted-after women and fulfilling your wildest fantasies by hiring them to work for you in an ever-changing world where anything can happen! 

It was released on a 16+ gaming platform which also houses other mature content so keep that age range in mind when downloading or playing. Download the Fap CEO Mod APK now for free, with No Survey and No Human Verification!


When you become the CEO of your own small company, it’s not just about managing employees and finding ways to grow. You can also break out into flirty conversations with them or invite girls for dinner!

The game includes plenty more than that; including developing relationships between all members (both male AND female), creating fun events to motivate team-mates by strengthening their emotional ties – this will result in greater productivity because they’re invested!), seeking romance along the way’ through date nights at restaurants


  • One of the critical features of Fap CEO is that it revolves around managing and developing your own company. 
  • Work hard at earning money while expanding into new markets with each victory won just before opening more offices across town or worldwide because there’s no limit to how big this enterprise can get. That’s how You Grow Your Company in Fap CEO.
  • The most attractive part of this game is hiring beautiful and sexy girls in the company. As a viewer, this feature seems to be the most delightful of this game.
  • Dreaming of beautiful girls applying for jobs is not a new thing. Every day, your company has many women coming in with their heads held high and an eagerness to work hard to make you profit if they are hired on as well!
  • You can engage in lighthearted conversations with your employees by email. You might share love stories or send selfies to each other at night when you’re bored, but if things don’t go well, they’ll be another person who lost their job over chatty bosses!


Hiring is expensive, but there’s an easy way to avoid the costs. Use our Fap CEO MOD APK version that gives you infinite money so your new hire can have all of their equipment and decorations right from day one!


Besides, it is a great time passing game, so grab your seats now and get the latest version of Fap CEO No Survey; No Human Verification in MOD APK for free!


  1. According to your device, select and click on the “Download Button” below.
  2. It will move you to the next page.
  3. You will go through a small captcha verification to prevent auto robots.
  4. After completing the captcha verification process, you would download the “Fap CEO Mod APK” sources file.


To install Free Fap CEO Mod APK for PC, you should have installed an android emulator in your system. Android emulator is a cloud-based cross-platform software. That allows you to run android applications on Microsoft Windows and macOS.

  1. Download and install Bluestacks, NOX player, or any other android emulator if you don’t have one.
  2. Once you install an Android emulator in the system, you have to log in by any Gmail ID.
  3. After fully activating the process, visit our website and click on the below download button to download the Free Fap CEO Mod APK file.
  4. Please find the file at the download location. Now open it to start the installation process.
  5. After finishing the installation process, an icon will appear on the emulator home screen.
  6. Open it and enjoy it.


  1. Click on the “download for mobile” button, and wait to start the auto-installation process for mobile.
  2. If your mobile device blocks it from installing, tap to mobile setting > additional setting > privacy menu.
  3. Activate the “Allow installation from unknown source” option at this position.
  4. Refresh this page again to start the auto-installation process and wait a few minutes to complete the installation process, and enjoy.


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In a world where we’re all trying to balance work, family time, and hobbies – it can be difficult not having enough hours in the day. The Fap CEO app offers players an escape from their everyday lives by giving them access 24/7 without any restrictions or limitations on what they want within reason! So go ahead; download this fascinating game platform today for free. Know that this game contains older content, so beware before downloading it.

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